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Albuquerque DWI LawyerDuring a party, celebration, or casual night out, many people choose to partake in an alcoholic beverage. Having a pint of beer or glass of wine is a socially accepted practice that many adults (over the age of 21) enjoy after a hard day at the office. There are many people who are surprised to find out that consuming even a small amount of alcohol can cause you to be falsely charged with a DUI/DWI.

After a DWI/DUI arrest, you need an experienced Albuquerque DWI lawyer on your side. Facing DWI charges, whether it’s your first offense or seventh offense, is frightening, complicated, and stressful. With a skilled attorney’s guidance, you can rest assured knowing that you will have solid legal representation throughout each stage of the DWI process. Despite your arrest, you may have a better case than you believe. At Patrick J. Martinez & Associates, we will explore any constitutional, factual, or legal issues that may help to prove your innocence at trial or get your case dismissed.

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At Patrick J. Martinez & Associates, our criminal defense attorneys will do everything possible to defend your constitutional rights and to prove your innocence. We have defended many clients facing DWI charges with positive results. Attorney Patrick J. Martinez is a skilled trial lawyer; he is ready and willing, if you so choose, to take your case to court rather than automatically opt for a plea agreement.

He will thoroughly examine the details of your case, check to ensure the arresting officer followed protocol, and use his extensive knowledge of DWI law to defend your innocence. After being advised of your legal rights, getting a perspective of your legal situation, and gaining an understanding of the possible legal penalties you may face for your DWI arrest, you will make the strategic decision: court or plea.

With 15 years of experience defending clients with DUI arrests, Patrick J. Martinez & Associates has the skill and knowledge to defend your rights. If you are facing DWI charges, contact Patrick J. Martinez for a free initial consultation.

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