Underage Drunk Driving Arrest in Albuquerque

In New Mexico, you cannot legally consume alcohol until age 21. However, you can obtain a driver’s license at age 15. If a licensed driver is arrested
for DWI charges before age 21, the consequences can be serious.

Patrick J. Martinez & Associates understands what is at stake if you are being charged with an underage DWI. We are committed to defending your innocence as we aggressively fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

Consequences of Underage DWI Charges

New Mexico is known nationwide for its harsh DWI laws. The potential consequences of an underage drunk driving arrest include:

In addition to DWI charges, underage drinkers may be charged with:

  • Distributing alcohol to other minors
  • Possession of a fake ID
  • Minor in possession
  • Soliciting alcohol
  • Traffic violations

The Implied Consent Act requires any licensed driver to submit to a BAC test if an officer suspects drunk driving. For anyone under the age of 21, an arrest can be made if the BAC is above 0.02%.

When to Call an Attorney

If you have been arrested on underage DWI charges, it is essential to consult with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Patrick J. Martinez & Associates provides the attentive and knowledgeable legal guidance you need to achieve the best outcome for your case. As a client, you will always know the status of your case and can contact attorney Martinez. He will give you his personal cell phone number that you can call at any time.

You Are Entitled to a Strong Defense

New Mexico takes drunk driving very seriously, especially if you are under the age of 21. If you are fighting underage DWI charges, you need a lawyer who is prepared to fight for you and take the case to court. For the aggressive criminal defense you need, contact Patrick J. Martinez & Associates today.

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