First DWI Offense in Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico is serious about reducing the number of drunk driving accidents and deaths within its borders. As a result, offenders face serious penalties, even for a first offense.

Financial Penalties

Drunk driving arrests alone entail financial obligations. In order to recover your forfeited license and avoid license revocation, you must request an administrative hearing with New Mexico MVD within 10 days of your arrest. Your application must be accompanied by a $25 payment. If your vehicle was seized by the City of Albuquerque, you must request a hearing to recover it within 10 days of your arrest. The application for this hearing must be accompanied by a $50 payment.

First time DWI convictions carry other financial consequences, including:

  • Ignition interlock license ($113)
  • Ignition interlock device installation (average $75) and monthly maintenance (average $75)

In the one year (more for aggravated DWI charges) you are required to have an ignition interlock device, you can expect to pay over $1,000. This amount does not include court fees and driver education or other intervention program costs.

Limitations on Your Freedom

Consequences of a first-time DWI conviction also include limitations on your freedom. You face up to 364 days in jail. Every time you need to drive, you will have to perform a breathalyzer test to start your car. DWI convictions can negatively affect prospective housing and employment opportunities.

Protect Your Freedom and Future

Just because a first DWI offense is considered a misdemeanor does not mean you can take it lightly. You need the expert legal counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

The lawyers at Patrick J. Martinez & Associates have years of experience focused on DWI defense. We know how to build strong cases to protect your rights, your freedom, your financial future and reputation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation for DWI criminal defense. We provide representation at all MVD administrative hearings at no additional charge for our clients.

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