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Whether it’s a cashier at the local department store or a financial adviser on Wall Street, embezzlement, or financial fraud, can occur anywhere money is handled. Embezzlement is an act of dishonestly appropriating the items or funds of a person or company for your own personal and/or financial gains. Although this seems to be an act of pure greed, it may in fact be much more complicated. Allegations of embezzlement are difficult to overcome even when you are truly not at fault.

 Embezzlement Lawyer

Overworked, Underpaid

At Patrick J. Martinez & Associates, our fraud lawyers see more than our fair share of clients in need of experienced embezzlement defense. One of the most common cases involves an overworked secretary with overwhelming responsibility who feels he/she does not receive the salary he/she deserves for the workload. Sometimes this may lead to borrowing money (for bills, household expenses, food) with the intent to pay it back—but, the repayment never surfaces.

Embezzlement Defense

Although these types of cases may seem “cut and dry,” there can be many complicating factors that may produce a solid criminal defense. When you consult our defense attorney, Patrick J. Martinez, he will investigate the circumstances of the allegations against you and develop a strategic defense on your behalf.

As part of his defense strategy, Attorney Martinez will thoroughly explore every aspect of your case to determine points of uncertainty. Did others have access to the same funds or items you are accused of embezzling? Is there a checks and balances system that conclusively points to you? These and other questions can help to raise doubt in a jury’s mind that you are to blame.

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