Implied Consent Act in New Mexico

The Implied Consent Act is a law that requires all drivers in the state of New Mexico to take a BAC breath or blood test if arrested for DWI. While every driver has the right to refuse, there can be serious penalties.

Your Rights During a DWI Stop

If you have been pulled over for drinking and driving, it is essential to know your rights under the Implied Consent Law. You have the right to:

  • Politely refuse sobriety tests
  • Admit to nothing – it is your 5th amendment right to remain silent to avoid incrimination
  • Request a blood BAC test if arrested
  • Question the reason the officer stopped you
  • Refuse a voluntary search of your vehicle

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What Is Required Under the Implied Consent Law

If an officer has reasonable suspicion of drinking and driving, the implied consent act allows them to arrest you and perform a BAC test at the station. You are required to give a breath sample when the officer asks.

In some cases, an officer will ask to perform a roadside breathalyzer. You are not required to do this under the implied consent law. This will only eliminate reasonable doubt that you were not intoxicated or impaired.

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