Defense for Juvenile Crimes in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Do not jeopardize your future. If you or a loved one is younger than 18 years of age and facing criminal charges, protect your rights and your future with the help of expert counsel from Patrick J. Martinez & Associates.

Understanding Juvenile Crimes

In many ways, the juvenile justice system is similar to that for adults. For instance, juvenile defendants have the same rights as adults, including the right to an attorney. However, the goals of the system are different.

In the adult justice system, the goal is to punish offenses and deter future criminal offenses. In the juvenile justice system, there is much more emphasis on rehabilitation. The focus on rehabilitation is evident in the language. Criminal acts committed by individuals younger than 18 years of age are called “delinquency acts” rather than crimes. The focus on rehabilitation is also demonstrated by theconnect of the child and family with various types of support services as part of the “sentence.”

The Benefits of a Private Criminal Defense Attorney

Since every juvenile defendant is entitled to legal representation, the court may appoint legal counsel. However, you will be better served by a private criminal defense attorney.

The criminal defense lawyers at Patrick J. Martinez & Associates have years of experience working with alleged juvenile offenders. We know how important getting support services and keeping your record clean are to your future. We treat your case with the same gravity as you. We are aware of all the programs and support services available and make every effort to reduce or eliminate time spent in a detention facility. We are available to answer your questions and keep you informed of your case status.

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