DUI-Related Driver’s License Suspension in New Mexico

In order to legally operate a vehicle, you need a driver’s license. However, your license is automatically suspended (revoked) upon an arrest for drunk driving. Rather than wait for your DWI case to be resolved, you can get your license reinstated. Dealing with driver’s license suspension is part of the comprehensive representation the DWI defense attorneys at Patrick J. Martinez & Associates provide.

Reasons for Driver’s License Suspension

There are a number of reasons that a driver’s license may be suspended in New Mexico, such as:

  • Too many points against your driver’s license (Points are accumulated through traffic violations like speeding and failing to yield. At twelve points, state law mandates the license suspension.)
  • Failing to pay child support
  • Arrest for drunk driving

Driver’s license suspension is carried out by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) as is the process for reinstatement. The criminal court is usually not involved in driver’s license suspension cases, even DUI-related suspensions, unless you drive on a suspended license and/or reinstatement of a driver’s license revocation requires a court order.

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Driver’s License Suspension

On average, from the date of arrest to trial, criminal DWI cases take six months. Most people need to drive in that time in order to keep their jobs and meet the needs of their families. It is possible to resume driving privileges even with pending DWI charges, but it takes jumping through a lot of administrate hoops with the MVD.

Rather than spend your time requesting and attending administrative hearings to get your driver’s license suspension lifted, let an experienced attorney handle your case. At Patrick J. Martinez & Associates, our criminal defense attorneys also handle all MVD administrative issues at no extra charge. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at our Albuquerque, NM office.

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