Commercial DWI Defense Lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Even before conviction, drunk driving charges threaten the livelihood of commercial drivers. If your job and your financial future are in jeopardy because of a drunk driving arrest, seek help from the experienced DWI defense lawyers at Patrick J. Martinez & Associates.

About Commercial DWIs

Because commercial vehicles are often significantly larger than passenger vehicles, they have the potential to cause more damage and injury in an accident. Such public safety concerns demand higher standards for commercial vehicle operators. Unlike other drivers 21 and older, commercial drivers must have a BAC level below .04 in order to legally drive in New Mexico.

If a commercial driver is accused of drunk driving, their license is confiscated immediately. If you do not go through the administrative process to request a hearing with the Motor Vehicle Department, you could face license suspension while criminal charges are pending. That can leave you jobless for months.

Why You Need a DWI Defense Lawyer

In order to protect your driving privileges and earning potential, you need the help of an experienced DWI defense lawyer. The lawyers at Patrick J. Martinez & Associates have years of experience with commercial DWI cases. We know how to investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest so that we can build a strong case in your defense. In addition to our tough criminal defense, we provide representation at all MVD hearings at no extra cost. We navigate the administrative procedures to help keep you working while the criminal case is pending.

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