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After being arrested and charged with a crime of any kind, most people feel upset, scared, and angry. If you believe that you have either been wrongly accused or your situation was misinterpreted, you may want your day in court to prove your innocence. To effectively describe your situation to a trial jury, you may need an experienced trial lawyer such as Patrick J. Martinez.

Plea Agreements or Court Trial

Attorney Patrick J. Martinez believes in the innocence of his clients and will fight to protect their rights. Other attorneys may believe their best option is to negotiate a plea agreement which gives defendants the opportunity to plead guilty to the charges in exchange for a recommendation of a lighter sentence. While this helps the defendant avoid the risk of conviction during a court trial and maximum sentencing, a plea agreTrial Courtroomement does not defend your innocence.

At Patrick J. Martinez & Associates, we believe you when you state that they are innocent. We prepare each case assuming we will be facing a jury trial and leave the final decision to you. While there is a risk involved in court trials, there is also the opportunity to prove your innocence and right the wrongs of the false allegations against you.

As your trial lawyer, Patrick J. Martinez will give you sound legal advice and representation so that you can make the optimum factual and strategic decisions regarding your case. If you feel your innocence will be proven in a jury trial, we are ready; if, on the other hand, after thorough investigation we decide that the evidence is too overwhelming, we are also ready to work out the best possible plea agreement on your behalf. The decision is ultimately yours.

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Whether you are facing drug charges or domestic violence, misdemeanor or felony, Patrick J. Martinez & Associates is here to defend your rights. We have handled over a thousand jury trials and fight relentlessly to preserve your freedom. With 15 years of experience in federal, state, and metropolitan courts, the trial lawyers of Patrick J. Martinez & Associates are ready to investigate your case, give you sound legal advice, and defend your rights.

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